About Efaba Company Limited

Efaba Company Limited was created on 15th December, 2009.

The Company was set up to provide stationery and office supplies and related products through modern ways of products delivery.

Modern technology has led to mass production of various products throughout the world. As a result high quality products are by and large compromised in the rip off of the consumer.

Products consumed by consumers do not last due to poor quality and sometimes they are anything but imitation. Against this background, the need for high quality product at affordable prices which will provide the consumer value for money, were some of the considerations that resulted in the incorporation of Efaba Company Limited. 

From a humble beginning and barely within two (2) years of operation, Efaba Company had made impressive mark on the stationery and office supplies market as a result of the provision of high quality stationery and office supplies at affordable prices. 

Through online sales, customer’s requests are delivered at their door steps instantly or the next day upon receipt of orders. 

Another important product offered by Efaba Company Limited is secretarial and related services. 






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